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Let History Repeat Itself.

Engage the best to bring back the original beauty of your historic home while modernizing the interior for 21st century living. We specialize in unique, detailed historic preservation projects and are leaders in balancing architectural integrity with aesthetics. With a thorough understanding of your vision, we guide our clients through each step of the construction process. Our historic home renovation process ensures your vision for a remodel or preservation of your historic home is completed with care and meets the most demanding specifications.

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Our Residential Historic Preservation Process

We are with you every step of the way!

Our five-step historic home preservation process ensures that each component of a project is handled with care.

Whether Building or Renovating, Your Dreams Can Be Made Real.

During the dream and discovery process we facilitate questions like: How will you live your life here? What are your goals? What requirements do you have now and in the future? Why are you building or renovating? Are there any restrictions to be addressed? We help you take a more active role by addressing these concerns, as well as discussing alternative options, as we move to the next step in the process.

Combining Form and Function to Create Beautiful Spaces.

ETL provides an active, but consultive role to create a design that addresses items from your dream list and works to investigate and recommend appropriate building materials, finishes and features that can be incorporated into your final plan. Initial specifications are documented and tweaks are made on paper and in digital format, ensuring the final plan for your home is custom fit to your unique needs. At the the end of this step your vision is clearly defined and you can begin to see your project take shape!

Building A Road Map to Reach Your Goals

Pre-construction planning is the most critical success factor within the building process. Establishing start and end dates are essential parts of the planning process. Decisions are refined as we work with you on cost analysis of various options. ETL partners with you to ensure realistic budgets are created, construction timeline is determined, project financing is put into place, meetings with city/county officials take place, any necessary approvals are obtained, permits are issued and final project plans are solidified. Contract documentation is completed and effective coordination with municipal departments occurs. Engineering and site plans are created, taking everything into account. Start and end dates are determined so you have a solid plan and can feel confident that your dream will become a reality!

The Realization of Thorough Construction Planning Begins.

ETL Construction crafts your vision into 3D form. We mobilize all trade craftsmen to precisely execute on all previous steps. Building ensues, real construction takes place and your dream actually becomes a reality!

Enjoy and Live the Dream!

Schedule the movers… or we can help with turnkey solutions. Move in and enjoy the life you always imagined! All our work is warranted and we have been in business over 15 years and counting. Don’t forget that ETL will always be here for you if you need us!

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